With your help, we can seize the opportunity to move our community forward. Whether it's making phone calls, walking door to door, or putting up a yard sign our success depends on you.


We are building a long-term vision of how to grow our communities and operate our government in a way that is efficient with tax dollars and resources and preserves the benefits we enjoy for our children and grandchildren.


Wake County Commissioner John Burns moved to High Point when he was 9 and has been proud to call North Carolina home ever since. John has a passion for Wake County and all of its residents.

John's Vision

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Voter Fraud? Show me...

Today, I sent this letter to the Vice Chairman of the Wake County Republican Party. In an earlier attempt to recruit poll observers, the Wake County GOP claimed that Democrats were engaged in "daily" voter fraud, including registe

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It’s on all of...

Violent people in Charlotte disrupted a peaceful protest. Quit calling those people protesters. Doing so delegitimizes the reason for the protest, which is something we must discuss and deal with and, yes, protest. I'm here tod

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