Environment and Open Space

John Burns: Wake County Commissioner


One of the first things that strikes a visitor who flies into Wake County is how green the area is. We are blessed with a beautiful natural environment, and it is our responsibility to work to preserve that beauty while we build our region.

As Chairman of the County Commission’s Growth, Land Use and Environment Subcommittee, John’s goal is to place Wake County at the cutting edge among local governments nationwide in adopting policies of sustainability and efficiency and being prepared for the growth that is coming our way.

We know why we love it here. We need to keep those things. Open space, clean water, clean air, and a community that conserves its resources so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy even better opportunities than we have.

Since taking office, John and his colleagues have enacted a new policy to help communities experiencing well contamination and abandoned private streets. There are now hundreds of new acres of open space and greenway projects, and county staff has been tasked to work with Wake County’s 12 municipalities to identify more that can be done.

In October, Wake County will open a brand new recreation area, Robertson Mill Pond Preserve, a unique piedmont blackwater swamp ecosystem which will be open to canoers and kayakers for exploration and enjoyment.
Under John’s leadership, Wake County is beginning a comprehensive review of regional water policy to preserve our drinking water supply, and is taking a detailed look at our Solid Waste Services programs, in order to extend the life of our landfills and use the gas resources those landfills produce.

John encourages you to join with the movement toward to a cleaner, greener future for Wake County citizens.