Efficient & Sustainable Government


In 2010, the Wake County Board of Commissioners requested a report on sustainability in Wake County government. For two years, over 40 Wake County residents and a team of consultants investigated and recommended dozens of ways to make County operations more efficient and less expensive.
In 2012, the County Commission refused to adopt the report for political reasons.

As Chairman of the Growth, Land Use, and Environment Subcommittee on the County Commission, John has worked with his colleagues and county staff to push the County forward in sustainability initiatives such as a comprehensive review of water quality policies, solid waste management, and improving the efficiency of county buildings and operations.

Efficiency also means taking care of our tax dollars. Despite the fact that the legislature has pushed a greater share of the tax burden off on local governments, John has found ways to ensure that taxes stay as low as possible while providing necessary services. This year, John worked hard to forge a compromise on the County Budget, providing additional funding for the schools, emergency services, libraries, and arts education, while keeping a necessary tax increase to a reasonable and sustainable level. As a result, the County is now investing in new areas while maintaining the lowest property tax rates in the region. John’s pledge is to never raise taxes unless he can show the taxpayer that the asset or benefit being purchased is worth the cost.

Sustainable operations have been embraced by private industry and the City of Raleigh. It makes environmental and economic sense to preserve resources and tax dollars over the long term. Industries considering relocating here will take note of such decisions. We will do best with a long-term vision of how to grow our communities and operate our government in a way that is efficient with tax dollars and resources and preserves the benefits we enjoy for our children and grandchildren.

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