John Burns: Wake County Commissioner


Wake County has needed a new transit vision for years. Prior leadership hindered the development of a transit plan that made sense for the whole county, allowing our neighbors in Orange and Durham to get ahead of Wake, and endangering our ability to develop a Triangle-wide system of reliable, safe, frequent and pleasant public transportation.

John ran for County Commission on a pledge to fix those delays. For the past 9 months, Wake County has been engaged in a new planning effort. Read about it at and weigh in by taking a survey or attending one of the many public input sessions that will help craft what our system will look like.

By the end of 2015, there will be a model, and by the end of 2016, the voters will have approved that plan. John’s vision of a transit system is one that provides reliable and frequent service to the largest feasible area of the county. Wake County has to start somewhere, but any plan must include a significant increase in investment in our bus service, along with a new option for express regional train or “superbus” service to connect us to our neighbors.

Whatever that plan ends up being, you will have a say in it.

Let’s Get Started.

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